We partner with contract farmers for breeding of broilers, offering members of the community the opportunity to be business owners rather than employees in the poultry industry. We work with these farmers to adopt sustainable practices and comply with government regulations, and they are incentivised to produce high quality output, which correlates with their increased livelihood.

Within our company, succession planning is a very important component of our human resource management. We invest in the personal and professional development of employees with high potential, while providing them a clear career path.


Poultry meat is a sustainable source of healthy protein with one of the lowest feed conversion rate. By-products of poultry farming and processing can be of value through proper management and recycling. Droppings, offals, feather and blood, for instance, can be transformed into organic fertilizer and animal feed. Being an integrated business – from poultry breeding and farming, slaughtering and processing to distribution, retail and supermarkets – we are able to use demand-driven strategies at each stage to reduce supply chain waste.

At our farms and processing plants, we adopt environmentally conscious practices to mitigate our environmental impact. We ensure that our treatment of wastewater meets government regulations while continuously looking for opportunities – whether new technologies, sustainable practices or joint venture - that could help improve our carbon footprint.

By 2050, the Asian population is expected to increase by another 900 million. Food security for the growing population requires a sustainable source of quality food, and poultry will remain one of the most affordable and sustainable forms of animal protein. Under these circumstances, our Company’s products will continue to experience high demand in the Asian region, and our businesses will remain viable for the foreseeable future.


Sustainability Statement FY2020


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